Track used by EMB for his DJ Mix. Radio in Seattle

Nakamura Tatsuro a.k.a EMB used for his DJ Mix her track from her new album. It was digital on-air at DIGITAL HIGHLIFE from in Seattle.

Track played on a German radio

On a German radio program, her track “Too Much Love For You” was played from her first solo album. It was introduced by Pascal Plantinga, a Dutch artist who is devoted to Okinawan music as well, who have collaborated with Kina Shoukichi.

Radio archives:

Nachtclub Radio Globo: Nippon Pop

NDR Info - Nachtclub - 31.05.2020 23:05 Uhr Autor/in: Maikopf, Olaf

(From around 44min.),audio689566.html

Online lecture & performance of Okinawan music @"Musics Of Japan" at Keio University (Private)

​She was invited as an Okinawan artist for "Musics of Japan" at Keio University (online, private). It contained a lecture on Ryukyu music, performance, and discussion all in English.

※We are welcome your offer of the lecture on Okinawan music in English, too. Please feel free to contact us.

A Mother Tongue Project album

She joined Jeff Cairns and Richard Gilbert's A Mother Tongue Project "Atmospheres".  It was performed by a stunning cast of musicians from 5 countries on 3 continents.

Digital download, CD:

Physical CD available @Far Side Music in UK

​You can book her coming CD+DVD also @Far Side Music in London, UK.

6 Audio-visual videos from new album are digital released

Solo album trailer

1st solo digital album & digital video released



【Download info, CD store and other information】

NIINUHAI Recordings:

NIINUHAI Recordings' 1st release 

Up-and-coming artist Aragaki Mutsumi’s 1st solo album  (Limited 1st Edition CD w/DVD will be released in June)


All tracks produced, composed, arranged, lyrics, poem, vocal, voice, sanshin, samba, 

electronics, soundscapes, audio-visual, videos, photos, paintings and artwork by Aragaki Mutsumi. 


“Aragaki Mutsumi is a trailblazer in Okinawan music.” 

John Potter Music Journalist


“I feel like I'm listening to the voice of someone with a deep soul, transmitting an ancient tradition.” 

Paul Fisher Music Journalist, DJ


“Aragaki-san is both the future and the past of Okinawan music.” 

James Catchpole Music Writer, Broadcaster


"I think that her worldview transcends Okinawa (Ryukyu).” 

SHICHIRI Kei Film Director


“Aragaki Mutsumi is like a veteran with maturity and dynamism.” 

HAGINO Kazumasa Chief Editor, Publisher 


“It will not be long before the world discovers the music of Aragaki Mutsumi.” 

NODA Ryuji Producer, Director


CANCELED : Musik Platz Okinawa Day in Nara

2020.5.30 in Nara    

Musik Platz Okinawa day 

The event she was scheduled to perform was canceled for COV-2.

"Churashima Air Festa 2019" Projection-Mapping

She offered the vocal and Sanshin sound files.


Saturday, 7th, December 2019  18:30〜 

@Naha base


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